Conservation of 14th C Abbot's Register in under 2 minutes!

This video records the stages in the cleaning and repair of a cartulary, or book of copied deeds and charters, made by the monks at Gloucester in 1393. 

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This cartulary is one of five “abbots’ registers held in the Cathedral Library and Archive Collections.   These together with a collection of approximately 400 deeds, are the only survivals of the monastic records of the Abbey of St Peter’s Gloucester.  This is the only register which is divided into sections according to which monastic office holder was the recipient of the funds raised from that property.

This register had its Victorian binding removed prior to 2008, and so has been left without the protection of cover and spine.  It’s sewing and pages were therefore significantly at risk.  It was selected for conservation due to its extreme need for protection and its high status within the Cathedral collection.  This item should be a gem of the collection but was unable to be displayed or accessed for research due to its lack of support

The conservation project had three aims:

1.         To create a durable, low-impact binding and suitable housing for the currently unbound manuscript

2.         To provide a visual record of the conservation via time lapse photography, which will be used to disseminate information about the project and publicise the Cathedral’s library and archive collections

3.         To provide a valuable developmental opportunity for the conservator, Victoria Stevens ACR

27 Aug 2021