Latest grants from NMCT

07 Dec 2020

The Trustees of NMCT awarded 12 grants at their recent meeting.

The funds that we had available for grant giving were much reduced due to the effect of Covid-19 on NMCT's income. However, given the effect of Covid on collecting institutions and on freelance conservators the Trustees felt that it was vital that NMCT should give as much support as it could in such an extraordinarily challenging year. They therefore decided, for the first time, to dip into reserves, enabling them to award grants totalling £153,000.

Conserving the Orton & Spooner Collection

13 Aug 2019

Sheffield University has announced their recent grant from NMCT: to conserve over 500 original fairground ride plans and drawings from the Orton and Spooner Collection. Orton and Spooner were a British engineering company, which produced some of the most sophisticated and sought after rides, wagons and show fronts in the fairgrounds at the turn of the 19th century. The collection is a much sought after resource by researchers, however much of it has been inaccessible due to the fragility of the designs.